Announcing our Valentines Ltd. Release!

Happy New Year! The fun never ends over here at Moonglasses HQ. Following our thrilling success this Holiday Season with the release of our new colored shutter frames, we are happy to announce our first ever Chromatic Mixed 10-Packs featuring both Ltd. Cherry Stunner and Classic Gloss White Frames.

These 10-packs contain an assortment of chrome white, rosy pink and red neon el wire. Each 10-pack is guaranteed to contain at least six different neon color combos.

We have stocked a limited supply of only ten 10-packs, so get them while you can!

WHOLESALE For a limited time we are also lowering our wholesale minimums for our Ltd. Cherry Stunner Frames. Until 2/14/2020 the order minimum for Cherry Stunners has been lowered from 200 to 100 pcs. Recognized stockists and registered wholesale partners will receive this automatic discount at check-out.



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